Rail Signalling Bungalows and Huts
Custom designed constructions
Rail Signalling Bungalows and Huts

Railforms are deMaher’s range of relocatable concrete buildings for the rail industry.

These relocatable concrete buildings can be utilised for

  • Signalling Bungalows
  • Compressor Rooms
  • Communication Buildings
  • Power Supply Room
  • Switch rooms

deMaher produce monolithic concrete structures that are  a cost effective, tough and low maintenance alternative to on site construction. All deMaher Railforms buildings are designed and constructed in accordance with Australian Railway standards SPG0708 and ESC-07-03. 

deMaher has designed it’s Railforms Bungalows to protect vital support networks no matter what the environment. A wide range of options are available – we can offer such things as multiple rooms, doors, vents and windows of virtually any size. We visualise our solutions with 3D design so the layout of each room and it’s fittings can be checked and approved before any construction work commences

When you need it delivered on time and on budget, depend on deMaher.