Specialty areas

Specialists in a range of areas

Specialty areas

deMaher has a dedicated in-house industrial design team who use the latest industrial design technology to bring your designs to life, and then into existence with our multi skilled trades people.

We produce full 3D renderings to your specifications, then in our fully equipped workshop facticity we start the construction and fit out to your specific requirements. Our disciplined and professional approach ensures a seamless transition through each stage of the process. 

  • Chemical Dosing and Re-chlorination Plants
  • Rail Signalling Bungalows
  • Compressor and Generator rooms
  • Switch Rooms and location cases
  • Amenities Blocks
  • Dangerous Goods storage
  • Communications and Data housing facilities
  • Customised concrete relocatable buildings
  • Electrical and Mechanical fit outs to suit your process requirements

Our dedication to providing the level of service and performance our customers demand means that we are constantly improving our products and services. That's why deMaher is proud to work with some of the leading innovators in their fields.

Our highly trained personal are there to manufacture items meet all of your specific needs. In addition to this our gantry cranes also provide us with heavy lifting capabilities within our secure undercover workshop. Some of our staff include:-

  • Engineers
  • Builders
  • Electricians
  • Plastic Welders
  • Steel fabricators¬†
  • Crane Operators

This allows us to provide you a complete service, from design of the structure to fit out of electrical and process equipment resulting in a turnkey facility arriving on your site.